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Finances in Portugal

The Portuguese NIF number is a unique tax identification number that the government issues to each citizen. The number is used for paying taxes as well as other tax-related activities. In a word, you can't go anywhere in Portugal without this number. Thus knowing how to get a NIF number in Portugal and establishing yourself as a Portuguese tax resident is vital. This article will cover everything you need to know about the NIF number and how to get a NIF number in Portugal.

NIF / Fiscal Number


Overview Of Portugal's NIF Number

The NIF number is a tax identification number used in Portugal. It is also known as “número de contribuinte” or “Número de Identificação Fiscal” in Portuguese, or fiscal number in English. The Portuguese tax authorities supply each individual with a unique number of nine digits. No matter what you do in Portugal, you'll use this number in some capacity. A citizen's ID card and tax cards include this number (but more on this later). In Portugal, obtaining a NIF number is essentially cost-free; however, getting a tax card costs about €6.80.

Who Is Eligible To Use The NIF Number?

Anyone living in Portugal must obtain a NIF number, particularly if they intend to open a Portuguese bank account, work as a freelancer or contractor, operate a business, or purchase real estate there. Anyone residing in Portugal, especially Portuguese nationals, must have a NIF number. Although it is not against the law in Portugal not to have a tax identification number, it does make life more challenging for those who need to file taxes, deal with Portuguese bureaucracy, create a bank account, and do other similar tasks. In a nutshell, a fiscal number in Portugal is a requirement if you intend to do any form of official fiscal transaction in Portugal.

How To Get a NIF Number in Portugal

How you obtain a NIF number in Portugal depends on whether you are a foreigner or a Portuguese citizen. You can also obtain a NIF from Portugal or another country and complete the application online. It all depends on your specific circumstances. You can currently apply for a NIF in any of the following locations: · Local tax office of the Portuguese tax authority · At a Citizen Shop local branch with a third-party provider who manages the entire NIF application process on your behalf, such as obtaining the fiscal number.

Step-By-Step Guide To Get Your NIF Number

  1. Obtain the necessary paperwork Priorities come first. You'll be turned away by the local tax authorities if your paperwork isn't in order. It's essential to have your papers organized before dealing with Portuguese bureaucracy.

  2. Submit the necessary documents (either an ID or a passport) You must also bring your passport if you're a citizen of a country outside the EU or EEA. The authorities may also accept your birth certificate in certain circumstances. If you are already a resident of Portugal, you must present documentation confirming your address (a utility bill, or rental contract, should suffice). You must send a document with an attorney's signature if you apply through an attorney from outside the country (and translated into Portuguese), which authorizes them to act in your place.

  3. Visit the Finanças closest to your address. Find the Finanças location that is most convenient for you, then call to confirm the office's opening and closing times. Remember to bring your identification (passport or ID card) and evidence of residency to the office.

  4. Get your NIF number It typically takes a few minutes for your NIF number to be generated after submitting the necessary paperwork. A brand-new NIF number and a certificate certifying your NIF number will then be issued to you, allowing you to leave the local government. Remember that your NIF never expires.

Essential Documents Needed To Apply For NIF Number In Portugal

The required paperwork to obtain a NIF number in Portugal can be considered modest. All you need is a photo ID (or a scanned, signed copy when you use a lawyer or representative in Portugal). You must show your passport if you are not a citizen of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. This is a criterion that must be met. You can provide your passport or your citizen's identity card if you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen. Some people may use their birth certificates as a passport or official photo ID.

Getting Your NIF As A Portuguese Resident

Go to "Finanças" (the neighborhood tax office) and ask for a NIF. Prepare your documents before you arrive. Businesses can apply for a NIF via the "Portal das Finanças" website. However, it's crucial to note that the portal is only available in Portuguese. Alternatively, you could ask a lawyer or accountant to represent you in applying for a NIF number. Individuals cannot obtain a NIF online; only businesses may. Applying for a NIF number online from outside Portugal is also possible. Particularly if you don't yet reside in Portugal, as a non-resident, you can apply outside of Portugal through a competent Portuguese attorney or fiscal representative who will handle the entire process on your behalf.

Getting your NIF as a non-EU/EEA national

The process for requesting a Portuguese NIF number and residency if you are a non-EU/EEA national differs slightly. The Portugal Golden Visa program, which grants Portuguese residency to deserving applicants, is your best option.

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You must make a qualifying investment in the nation to be granted residency, typically by purchasing real estate or making a financial commitment. It is possible to obtain a Portuguese NIF number concurrently with a Portugal Golden Visa application.

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