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Before moving to Portugal, it's a good idea to do some research to determine which places you like and what housing is available. It's a good idea to travel to Portugal ahead of time to see your possibilities in person if you wish to have secured an apartment. If you cannot accomplish this, another alternative is to rent a vacation home or temporary apartment when you first arrive. This will allow you time to see suitable housing and sign your contract if you relocate.

Temporary Accommodation - Landing Pad

What Is Temporary Accommodation?

Temporary accommodations, also known as short-term rentals, are self-contained flats rented for brief periods. Contrary to the annual rentals in the unfurnished apartment rental market, temporary accommodation or short-term rentals are well-furnished like a standard apartment. They are thought of as hotels alternatives. Rentals for "Short Stays" are a branch of the corporate housing industry. Relocation and holiday renting are common applications.

Rent Cost

Short-term rentals have substantially higher rents than longer lets, particularly in well-known vacation destinations, where many houses are rented out as self-catering vacation homes.

During the off-season, the rent for a typical furnished one- or two-bedroom apartment or townhouse ranges from €600 to €900 per month for a minimum one- or two-month rental. A month's rent is often paid as a deposit and is due one month in advance. Less than a month's rentals are more expensive; for example, in the low season, a two-bedroom apartment may cost between €300 and €450 per week, which is almost 50% higher than in the high season.

The price of a three-bedroom apartment in the city center starts at least €1,200. Similar ranges can be seen in other well-known locales like Porto and the Algarve. Castelo Branco will have the lowest monthly rents in 2022 (in Portuguese), according to the online web Idealista. As little as €300 per month can be paid here.

Documents Required

1. Agreement

A tenancy agreement, or contrato de arrendamento, must be signed before renting temporary accommodation. The length of the lease, the date the rent will be reviewed, and the amount of advance notice needed to vacate will all be included in the contract.

2. Fiscal Number/Passport

To rent an apartment in Portugal, you will need a Portuguese fiscal number, known as número de contribuinte. This is a tax identification number that enables you to perform a variety of official actions in the nation. These actions include paying taxes and enrolling in schools in Portugal. You can apply for your fiscal number as an EU resident by visiting your neighborhood tax office with your valid passport. Non-EU citizens must submit their applications via a fiscal or legal agent.

3. Referee/Guarantor

The regulations associated with renting a home can seem informal in many parts of Portugal, especially outside the major cities, and landlords frequently don't do credit checks or request references. However, some landlords may require it.

How To Find A Temporary Accommodation In Portugal?

Portugal has several locations where you can find temporary accommodation. You'll find a few choices below.

1. Real Estate Agents

Portugal provides a variety of rental alternatives, from trendy urban apartments to luxury estates. Local real estate agents have access to the majority of homes. Unlike the typical unfurnished long-term rentals, many residences that are short-term rental accommodations in the resort districts are fully furnished because they are utilized as rental properties. Some landlords place local ads for available rentals.

Money should only be sent to the landlord or the agent once a written contract has been drawn. If you decide to use an estate agent, ensure they do a good job and satisfy you. You should be informed by an estate agent about the market, the city, the cost, and the standard of accommodation. You should also be aware of the limits that are put in place for foreigners.

An estate agent must make visit arrangements for you, bargain with landlords, and present a contract, ideally written in English. Before you select an agent to help you find accommodation, make sure your real estate agent can provide a wide range of housing possibilities.

2. Online Advertisement

Finding a home in Portugal can easily be done using an online platform. These offer a choice of residences and let you sort them according to pricing, the number of rooms, and the location. They also assist in providing you with a market overview. Thanks to the widespread use of websites for advertising rental houses, you can begin your search from anywhere.

If you're looking for a short-term rental, you might locate websites dedicated to your needs, like Airbnb, depending on your rental profile. In any case, there are many different websites for finding temporary accommodation to rent in Portugal.

To learn about the various qualities of these short-term rentals, you should use more than one of the advertising websites. Portuguese online real estate directories include:

  1. Spotahome
  2. Idealista
  3. Imovirtual
  4. Airbnb
  5. Casa Sapo
  6. Real Estate websites such as Engel & Völkers, Remax, and ERA

Tips For Portuguese Rentals

  1. Never pay before seeing the accommodation and executing a contract.
  2. Before signing the contract, you should coordinate any necessary repairs with the landlord/agent, should the house need them before check-in.
  3. Some temporary accommodation costs include the bills, and some may not. Therefore, verify with your landlord/agent what expenses are covered by the agreement.
  4. To avoid being taken off guard, request that the landlord show you the location of the fusebox and any other peculiarities of the apartment.
  5. Make sure you note or snap a photo of all the meters, gas, electricity, and water when you check-in. These first readings must be given to each service before determining your charge if your accommodation cost doesn't include utility cost.
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