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Av Infante Santo

This two-bedroom apartment renovation in Lapa (Lisbon) was undertaken for a client with the goal of turning it into a stylish medium-term rental property. LandingPad’s open book approach was crucial in keeping costs down and the client happy, adapting and value engineering as the project progressed. Modernising the apartment required the demolition of existing walls to create a bright open space, replacing all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, adding an integrated HVAC system, and new kitchen and bathrooms.

As always, we salvaged and restored many existing architectural elements - wooden floors, doors and marble floor tiles. Newly fabricated elements included the extensive bespoke joinery and carpentry, beautiful stone sinks, windows, and all of the fittings, fixtures and equipment. Architecture and interior design was by Fabiana Paluszny of FAW Partners.

Main Features:

Full Renovation

Bespoke Joinery and Carpentry

Create Bright Open-space Layout

Av. Infante Santo