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Actor Isadoro

This was a full suite project undertaken for an overseas client looking for a good value investment property to rent out and one day live in. Agents from our BUY unit identified and negotiated the purchase in collaboration with the BUILD team who helped to analyse the renovation potential. LandingPad executed the project without an architect. Instead our project managers (architects by training) helped to make pragmatic but aesthetically pleasing design choices in collaboration with the client.

As always, we salvaged many of the historical materials and features, refinishing the wooden floors and other woodwork, while totally replacing the outdated electrical and plumbing systems. The result was a charmingly renovated property, achieved for a fraction of the price of a comparable new build.

Main Features:

BUY & BUILD by LandingPad

Cost-efficient Approach

Investment Porperty

Rua Actor Isadoro